Casio Men’s GShock MultiBand Solar Atomic Analog Watch

Casio's Multi-Band Atomic watch for men is a high-tech timepiece designed for superior performance under a variety of conditions. Featuring a gray, brushed stainless steel case with gray dial, more


Average Customer Rating

   4 out of 5
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Product Features

  • Quartz movement
  • Tough Solar Power; Shock Resistant; Auto EL Backlight with Afterglow
  • World Time - 29 times zones (30 cities), city code display, daylight saving on/off
  • Water resistant up to 660 feet (200 M)
  • Water-resistant to 660 feet (200 M)

Product Description

Casio's Multi-Band Atomic watch for men is a high-tech timepiece designed for superior performance under a variety of conditions. Featuring a gray, brushed stainless steel case with gray dial, sporty, black plastic resin band, and a combination of analog timekeeping and digital stopwatch functions, this solar and battery-powered watch also offers accurate timekeeping for 28 time zones, water resistance to 660 feet, an LED backlight, a daily alarm function, a calendar function, and a power-saving option with battery power indicator. more

Product Accessories

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5 Responses to “Casio Men’s GShock MultiBand Solar Atomic Analog Watch”

  1. Glenn B. Brown says:

    Execellent watch
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    Excellent watch with all the functions I was looking for. It keeps extremely accurate time and holds up to a lot of knocks. The stop watch is a little small to see when running but all other functions make up for that one small flaw.

  2. Timothy L. Middleton says:

    Nice watch but…
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    Nice watch and looks great.


    Nice look and feel

    Comfortable to wear

    Has many features


    LED lights are useless

    My watch stopped updating the Atomic time and I cant force it to resume

    The face is smaller than I prefer for this type of watch

    The digital windows are small and cant been seen at night with the LED light, if it had two LEDs instead of one it would be perfect.

    Overall its a solid watch for […], I dont think I would purchase this watch again now that I know more about the G-shock line. I love the solar and atomic features when it works.

  3. Gaylan K. Frederic says:

    Not operational
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    The only “shock” for me is that I could not receive the signal and am sending this watch back to vendor. Could not get watch off Lisbon time which does not help if you live in California. Very disappointing.

  4. Noisemaker says:

    Almost perfect
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I needed a watch that can stand up to nearly everything I throw at it. I wanted it to need little attention from me, so solar power and atomic timekeeping were important to me. This watch has all that and looks good, too. The price is very reasonable for all the features this watch has. Only a few things keep me from giving it a perfect review:

    – The hands sometimes cover up the smaller dials, thereby hiding information such as date, alarm time, etc.

    – The LED backlight does not illuminate the smaller dials, so reading them after dark is impossible without an external light source

    – The bottom small dial is wasted to display information I will never need to know (basically, which continent I’m on)

    – I wish it had more than one alarm

    In spite of those issues, I love this watch and would buy it again if needed.

  5. Thomas Palmer says:

    OK watch, bad Atomic feature
    Rating:3 out of 5 stars
    EDIT: I am adding a star to the original review. It is now 3-Stars. Please see the edit at the end. Thanks.

    The watch itself is decent, for an analog watch. I have to agree with the other opinions that the digital windows are poorly designed. The gray on black combined with how small they are make them almost useless. The LED light feature is also poorly implimented. It uses a tiny amber LED placeed at the bottom of the face as it’s light source. This does a poor job at illuminating the face and does nothing to illuminate the tiny digital screens. It is a solid watch that looks good and does most of what it promisses, but not very well.

    The major issue I have with the watch is the Atomic timekeeping feature. I own 2 other Casio Atomic watches. One is $60 digital solar G-Shock model and the second is a $50 waterproof Ani-Digi one. Both do great jobs of obtaining a signal aeach morning. The only times they have ever had difficulty were during storms. But this one.. horrible. It is completly unable to obtain a signal. No matter where I am it will not hold a signal. I can take my older watch and get a strong signal and set the watch.. then place this new one in he exact same spot, facing the exact same way, with the face of the watch in the exact same location.. and NOTHING. I’ve walked around with it to find a strong signal, stopped and held the watch motionless when it found a strong signal.. then poof, the signal is gone and a minute later “ERR”. Outside.. nothing. Down the street.. nothing. At work… nothing Nowhere is it able to get a signal even though both of my other Casios have no problem. I am very disapointed.

    In the end all I can say is buyer beware. This watch does not seem to be as well implemented any other less expensive Casios.

    EDIT: If I could change the star portion of the review I would give the watch 1 more, up to a 3 star product. The Atomic feature still seem to be poorly designed but it is getting signals now. I can not explain why I am getting signals all of a sudden when it wasn’t able to, for days, when I first got it. It wasn’t the battery, as it was full. It wasn’t the weather, as it was clear of any clouds. As I mentioned, my other 2 watches were getting signals. But, now it’s working correctly. Go figure. All I can say is that it is still buyer beware. The comments concerning the light and the digital portion of the watch still stand. And my experience with the Atomic feature is that it is inconsistant compared to prior Casio products I have owned.

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