Casio Men’s Waveceptor Atomic DualTime Watch #WVQ400J1

The Casio Men's Waveceptor Atomic Dual-Time Watch #WVQ400J-1 combines convenient, athletic attributes and sophisticated styling. With a stainless steel case and bezel, a black resin band, and a more


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   4 out of 5
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Product Features

  • Multi-band 2 (US-Japan) - Receives the signal from the Atomic clocks in Ft. Collins, Colorado and from both Atomic clocks in Japan
  • Tough Solar Power; Shock Resistant; Auto EL Backlight with Afterglow
  • World Time - 29 times zones (30 cities), city code display, daylight saving on/off
  • Water resistant up to 330 feet (100 M)
  • Water-resistant to 330 feet (100 M)

Product Description

The Casio Men's Waveceptor Atomic Dual-Time Watch #WVQ400J-1 combines convenient, athletic attributes and sophisticated styling. With a stainless steel case and bezel, a black resin band, and a black dial, this timepiece is a fashionable, durable choice for everyday wear. Its unique face includes three subdials, small white indices marking each second, faceted silver-tone indices marking each hour, three hands, and luminous accents. A small, digital display at four o'clock provides added functionality, while a window made of acrylic acid resin protects the face. This watch is water resistant to 330 feet and is backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty. more

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5 Responses to “Casio Men’s Waveceptor Atomic DualTime Watch #WVQ400J1”

  1. Ramesh Rao says:

    Best value for money (if you are willing to compromise JUST A LITTLE)
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    Received the watch and noticed that the watch was running, but the second hand was not aligned with the minute markings – it was off a little. There is a hand adjustment function that realigns it and then it was OK.

    Very light and nice size of the dial. I always put on my polarized sunglasses and observe the crystal. Being acrylic, all flaws will show up immediately when viewed thru your polarized sunglasses – just view at various angles – i found one blemish that is NOT visible to naked eye, but VERY visible when viewed thru the polarized lenses.

    Setting the Home Time and Dual Time is quite easy. However, if you want to know what time it is in the other zone – the hands go thru the entire motion as if you would wind it manually. Though fascinating to watch for the first time, I would have preferred that the minute hand go quickly to where it should be and have only the hour hand go winding – would be much quicker.

    Finds the atomic clock rather easily – but can take UP TO FOUR MINUTES (depending on where you are and your signal strength) to set itself.

    Not a sweeping second hand like the automatics – just the usual discrete ticks of quartz watches.

    Auto light is nice. It senses the surrouding ambient light and when you raise your wrist to normal time viewing position, the light comes on automatically – stays on for couple of seconds – and then goes off.

    There is an alarm too, but dont count on it to wake you up !

    You can actually see the minute hand move every 20 seconds. Doesnt display the charged power level or the day of the week.

    Not bad for the price though, given that it is solar powered and atomic!

  2. M. Namvar says:

    Had High Hopes
    Rating:3 out of 5 stars
    Ordered this watch because of the solar power, Automic Clock Sychro, and the list of features it has. However I am returning it for the following reasons:

    1 – It feels really cheap. The case is not metal but some sort of shiny plastic.

    2 – The watch band is thin and feels flimsy and it is anchored to the watch in such a way that the watch is curved and cannot be laid flat on its back

    3 – The crystal is really plastic. I knew this and it did not surprise me. However the crystal (plastic) is curved and warped so if you look at the watch from enough of an angle you can’t see the face clearly.

    4 – The automatic illumination works but it lights up the face unevenly and doesn’t work that great.

    5 – I couldn’t get the atomic clock synch to work. I’m no really grading it on this point but I live outside of washington DC and it just wouldn’t synch up.

    However I will say that all the other features work great and give a precise feel.

  3. James Butler says:

    Nice watch, crystal is easy to scratch
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I purchased this watch about 2 months ago, and I wear it every day, and really like it. I also have another Casio WaveCeptor watch, and compared to it, this one will not synchronize as dependably. If left in a window it will synchronize every night, but only about 50% of the time if left in a dresser drawer or in the medicine cabinet. The other WaveCeptor I own (which ironically was much less money – it’s all digital), will synchronize in the basement!

    The main issues is the crystal – the piece of clear plastic or glass that covers the dial. On this watch it is not made of fine glass, but rather of plastic, and will scratch. I have generally found that watches that cost over about $30-50 will have a glass mineral crystal, so it’s very surprising that a watch that almost hits $100 will have a plastic crystal, and a soft one at that. My advice, get the watch, enjoy it, in a year or two when the crystal is beat up, get a jeweler to replace it with a true glass mineral crystal – about $30.

  4. Adam Wineinger says:

    Awesome watch!
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    I bought this watch to replace my Citizen Skyhawk which I thought was a little too heavy for me. I love the fact that it is solar powered, just as the Skyhawk. However the Atomic has a backlight and syncs with Fort Collins for always updated time. This works very well (I live in the Midwest). It is waterproof and I wear it swimming frequently. Nice size and weight for the watch.

  5. C. Turner says:

    Impressive looks but serious shortcomings
    Rating:3 out of 5 stars
    A good value in an attractive package but with serious limitations.


    Very impressive appearance. Three small dials and LCD window, sweep second hand. Excellent timekeeper with automatic updating through Waveceptor capability. Automatic or manual dial illumination is excellent for nighttime use.


    Stopwatch function. (1) Elapsed minutes are not displayed except on the left small dial that’s marked in 5-minute intervals. Between these tics, you have to guesstimate minutes from the tiny dial. (2) The upper small dial measures 1/20th-second intervals during the first minute of stopwatch operation. While it spins impressively for that minute, it serves no other useful function as the LCD window displays 1/100th-second intervals continuously. (3) There is no lap-time function; the stopwatch is on or off.

    Date function: The only display is the date (e.g. “4”) in the LCD window. There is no display for day-of-week or month name. This is an inexcusable omission.

    Alarm function: To set the alarm, you must select the alarm time by holding one of the buttons while the watch fast-forwards from 12:00 a.m. If you overshoot, you can’t back up, and must go around again. This is unacceptably clumsy and inconvient.

    Other: (1) Plastic crystal can scratch easily. (Casio’s mineral crystal is virtually scratchproof. Too bad it isn’t on this watch). (2) The rubber-like plastic band isn’t replacable, so you have to live with it. (3) The 75-page user’s guide is often dense and confusing, and the type is so tiny that it’s very hard to read.

    Summary: There are no significant features in this timepiece that aren’t available in less-expensive Casio watches, often with more detail (day, date, month display) and more convenient (alarm setting). That said, this is a very sexy watch and is sure to impress folks who don’t know much about its innards.

    Recommendation: If high-tech is the goal, not likely to find anything truly capable under $200. If convenience and timekeeping features are priority, there are better Casios at a lower price. This watch makes too many compromises for the sake of looks.

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